August 15, 2013

the importance of uniformity

studio waterstone bags

Thinking that I had the most important bases covered, some time back I did this post on product photography. Sadly, I missed one of the most important points. Uniformity.

Thanks to this inspirational artisan and her recent post about rephotographing all of her items, I was inspired and decided to make things right. So, even though my shop is slight at the moment, I rephotographed my bags using the same background to use for the main photo and sure enough, the shop front appeared so much more professional - at least in my mind.

Your turn: If you have a shop, are you conscious of this? If you don't, does it have an affect on your initial impression of a shop? I think many times it does have an affect and we don't even realize what seems so calming and attractive about the shop.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

P.S. Working on new large summer-to-fall totes to add to the shop next week. Stay tuned!


  1. I soo need to do that! I have definitely progressed in my photography and have a whole bunch of inventory I need to get in the shop, just no time to photograph all the pretties! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. The uniform background gives your viewers a proper view of your products! I love these bags! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. I always thought your shop was cohesive even though you had different backgrounds. I do like the uniform background for the photos, however. I am acutely aware of this when I am poking around on the web. I am completely baffled as to how I can achieve uniformity when I have small items and then large items, like blankets. I can fold the blankets, but then how can I distinguish them?

    Etsy has done a lot to help custom sellers recently. But one thing they need to do is enable us to have more than 5 photos. When you do custom work it is hard to represent variations in just 5 photos.

    Anyway, I would be open to constructive criticism and/or suggestions for my shop (which I admit is currently a mess. My kids will be in school in 1.5 weeks and that will be a priority at that point!) or


    1. Thanks Jane. And I know what you mean about the size.

      I don't think your shop is a mess at all! Your photography is great (the image of your son reclining on the beach on the blanket made me laugh - I'm assuming he's your son.)

      I'm thinking that uniformity doesn't just mean a white background. You've got great color and shots for leads. Maybe grouping all the quilts together and the bags together? Hm...

      Suggestions or thoughts anyone?

  4. I am just starting to list my beads for sale after a few months away from my shop. I was using all my original photographs but having read this I think you are right, it does look much more professional. I am going to use this opportunity to re-shoot everything, thank you.

  5. I think you hit on something really good here, Lori. I have read how a shop with uniformity seems more pleasing to people's eye and how it helps distinguish one thing from another and how it helps with sales as well. I soooo need to figure out what I want my 'look' to be for my shop. It's tough when the jewelry I design is all over the map from rustic/boho to classic/clean lines - but I need to work smarter and get it figured out. Great post!!

  6. I most definitely like the uniform background, Lori, and it is something I would never have thought of.

  7. this is so helpful, Lori! I would love to see more posts from you on the subject. I'm interested in how you got started, too! I have an Etsy shop that isn't open yet to the public. ... I'm still trying to figure it out. Seems to be overwhelming for a beginner. Any tips you can give are always appreciated!


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