August 4, 2013

weekend in pics (an upcoming tutorial and a new sketch)...

the weekend in pics

Hello and happy Monday! For the first time in I don't know when, I'm feeling supremely organized - which means it'll all go to hell in a handbasket pretty soon so I'm taking the bull by the horn and running with it. (how many cheesy phrases did you count?)

Allow me to explain each picture above because I'm sure you're wondering about at least one...namely number three.

1) I'm finally decorating our bedroom (after 5 years) and in order to avoid painting the dull taupe walls, I'm adding vivid pops of color and lots of white. This week I'll have a tutorial to show how I created one of these pillows. Hint: its easy and cheap, my middle that.

The other pics are from Instagram:

2) Finally figured out that my regular cherry tomatoes are, in fact, black cherry tomatoes. I thought something was wrong with them throughout most of the summer. Anyway...

3) These are my offspring during our wings and beer outing (not the 20 yr. old) They decided to pose straight faced a la mug shot. Total success, don't you think?

4) After concentrating on bags, I was having art withdrawals. So this week, I'll have a newly painted sketchbook update to show you. Yay!

Oh, and I had a "me" night which included ratty clothes, a lovely salad, grilled salmon, "some" wine, dark chocolate drizzled popcorn and this movie. The entire evening was simply divine.

So, that's my weekend - how was yours?

Can't wait to show you the easy pillow tutorial and my sketchbook.

Have a beautiful Monday. Stay cool.

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  1. Crudpuppies. That heavenly gray and white bag sold out from under my card. I need to be quicker on the uptake! I am looking forward to your room redo. I have those same taupe walls and would like to shake things up including making over the cabinet that is totally mismatched to something that works. But I will never be able to match the finish on the nice furniture so methinks it should have something more artsy on it. Perhaps remove the doors and use pretty baskets and paint it a bright color. But I am a chicken. And my husband would never agree so I almost have to do it sneaky like. Tee hee! Have a great week! I will be quietly slipping into 45 by the weekend filled with a tap dancing festival my daughter is in and wrangling the members of the 2nd annual Challenge of Travel (show us your hometown!) blog hop. But it is all good! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. The picture of your offspring totally made me laugh. I was wondering how bad of a beer and wings outing it was for them to be making faces like that. I love it even more that they intentionally decided to do this mug shot pose. Just awesome!
    Oh, and I adore the textiles and combination of colors on your bed. Lovely!


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