September 17, 2013

bags new and old (and an upcoming sale)...

eco friendly leather crossbody
Just finished this crossbody bag today and thought I'd give you a little preview. It's made from a leather coat and the front has an original, usable pocket. The straps are nice and comfy wide. I'm hoping to get this bag to the shop by Thursday of this week. Fingers crossed!

And look what I found...

handmade clutch
One of my first clutches. Pre-leather. Well, a little leather. As much as my little Singer could handle. My early bags included lots of hand stitching and embroidery. I love hand stitching and embroidery. And bags.

handmade clutch detail
It has a little "inside the fold" gathered pocket. Isn't it sweet? I want to make more.

Speaking of bags - I'm planning to have my annual sample sale very soon. So, be sure to follow along here or on Facebook for more updates.


  1. Yes, in the past I've sold my creations that are very gently used by me - it's usually a great sale w/ good prices. Time to make room in my closet! :)


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