September 8, 2013

frick & frack: sophie and her compadres...

Frick & Frack
sophie & oreo appropriately dubbed frick & frack
(not sure which is which)

Soph & Jeff
hiking with jeff

sophie and her favorite goose

Soph & Jes
forgive me for re-using this image. she loves to model with my model.

When thinking of this week's assignment for Focus on Life - pairings - I naturally went to our Sophie, who is not feeling up to snuff these days, and how she pairs well with everything and everyone. The family. The camera. The cat - sort of. Squirrels and stuffed animals especially. So, I offer up a few images of Sophie and her compadres.

Participating in Week 36: Focus on Life.


  1. Such cute photos. What a great companion!

  2. Sophie is quite photographic. Love the one wiht her favorite goose.

  3. Sophie is so cute! and not camera shy at all - ha!

  4. Great pics Lori. The goose made me laugh.

  5. We have a cat and dog pairing like that, but they are camera shy when together!

  6. Wonderful photos Lori! I hoe Sophie gets to feeling better!

  7. I think with the shot with the model is great!!!

  8. Sophie is beautiful. Hope she is feeling better soon.

  9. Sorry to hear the Sophie is not feeling well. Since the teen went to college her cat has been head butting and snuggling with our lab Phoebe.

  10. Oh! I just want a Sophie dog so badly everytime I see her picture! She is such a love. I especially love that last one. Give her a scritch between the ears for me! Enjoy the day! Erin

  11. Love the photo bomb! Our Moose has that very same duck/goose. He luvs it so much. Sorry to hear that Sophie is under the weather, hope this finds her on the other side. It's nice to "see" your model again.


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