September 25, 2013

weekend in new england...

weekend in new england
See that sweet little pea coat? I nabbed it at TJ Maxx this week for a song! It'll be perfect for our mini vacation this weekend in New England. And this is exactly what I'll be wearing.

Yep - the bags are packed and the shop is on vacation while me and the mister meet a couple of friends in Boston, rent a car and drive up the coast. I'll be back soon - filled with lobster, beer, pics and stories of good times. Got any great diner recommendations for the Boston, Rockport, Portland area? I'd love to hear about it.

See you next week friends!


  1. What a perfect time of year to be in New England!
    Have a safe and wonderful trip, Lori.

  2. You will look perfect for your weekend getaway with your sweetie..have a grand time. Eat some lobster for me, please! xo

  3. LOVE that coat! Have a wonderful time!

  4. you look smashing! ♦ have fun!!!

  5. Oh im so jealous,, and I love that outfit,,especially the boots. Hope you have a memorable, fun and safe trip.

  6. The pea coat is awesome-great find and color! Have a great time in New England. My husband and I spent a week in Bar Harbor, Maine-it is a really fun coastal town!

  7. And you'll look marvelous, hope you have a fabulous week...

  8. I hope you've had a marvelous visit... the weather has been gorgeous!


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