October 1, 2013


weekend in new england

weekend in new england

Flying into Boston and eating my way up the coast can now be crossed off the bucket list. Would I do it again? In a New York...er...Boston minute.

A few of my favorites?
The lobster lunch here (watch out for dive bombing seagulls).
Panini's and drinks here (on the upstairs deck overlooking the harbor).
Dinners here and here (sit outside by the fireplace).
Tiramisu here.
Drinks here and here.
Breakfast here (get the grilled blueberry muffin) and here (the blueberry pancakes-yum).

We walked, too. A lot. (a requirement after all that food).

Made the executive decision to drink in every moment through my eyes (and stomach) rather than my DSLR. Thus the iPhone pics.

Getting away from it all and experiencing this time with the people I love was special - and priceless.

Until I get the Visa bill.

P.S. October Calendar is on it's way!


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  2. sounds like an awesome trip, glad you got to cross that off your bucket list. I've never been anywhere near there but it sure does sound like somewhere nice to visit.

  3. Oh, it looks absolutely wonderful!

  4. Looks like a lovely trip! We went to Cape Cod and then up to Maine this summer - I love the rocky coastline along there - just beautiful!

    Glad you got away and enjoyed your trip -


    Book By Book

    Live with CFS

  5. Wonderful trip! I love the pics. Especially the one with the shoes pointed toward the water. Soaking it all in is the best. Enjoy the day! Erin


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