November 16, 2013

focus on life: reflections

focus on life: reflections

This image has a bit of literal reflection but I do love it dearly for it's color, sharpness and depth of field.

As I reflect on where I am now and where my life was this time last year:

• My man is back home. (yay!)
• I've begun to produce and sell art prints where last year it was a distant dream.
• The leather goods are still populating my shop - something I wasn't sure about last year.

To be honest, I reflect on the past, but am so much more obsessed with the future. Isn't that what it's all about?

*Participating in the Focus on Life project.


  1. Beautiful photo, Lori. Is this some of your mom's crystal? I think it's awesome to be 'obsessed' with the future - still remembering the past - but eyes forward, eager to see what's up ahead. Lovely post for this week's prompt!

  2. Thanks Shel! Yes, it was my mom's.

  3. Beautiful photo! Love you take on reflection.

  4. Beautiful photo, I like the quietness of the lighting and the post .

  5. Today is day two without a real computer... my letter from costco confirming my order said it could be up to 20 days before they ship it.... Didn't say that online when I booked it! Lovely photo of the crystal... Off to spend another day offline doing something useful!

  6. Lori your photo is stunning. You seem to have a handle on reflecting.

  7. Lovely "reflective" photo...and focusing on the future is a great way to go, in my opinion too. :-)

  8. The past brings us to the present, and hope for the future. Thank you for the reminder.


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