December 12, 2013

random desktop wallpaper & my annual holiday rant...

Get Inspired Desktop Wallpaper
Truly, I'm not a "Bah Humbug" sort of person. No one enjoys seeing Christmas lights and hearing the holiday choir more than me. But...the big but...Christmas is so commercially overdone. (Will I get a "YEAH" or an "Evil Scrooge"?)

Then again, maybe it's because my mind is forever a jumble of so many ideas, pictures, (swirls?) that...well...on the outside, simple is always a good thing.

And so. In a month of red and green, sparkles and lights, a gift of simplicity - a simple, any time reminder to get inspired.

get inspired sketchbook

And as a side note...this is how it really happens for me. I sketch, then change my mind and sketch more. That, my friend, is why Photoshop is so special to makers (like me) who tend to change their minds.

get inspired sketchbook

Are swirls a contradiction of said rant? Perhaps. But I thought the "d" needed a bit of personality.


From one simple (with a little swirl) girl to you - a desktop reminder. Click on one of the images or here to download your anytime desktop.


  1. Well said - you are not a scrooge! We decided to stay home this Christmas - we're actually celebrating on the 26th because my husband has to work - and I am so excited that it will be just the four of us! I can't wait to spend hours in my PJs and not have to worry about being a good hostess :-)

  2. What a wonderful photograph! I am inspired now, and sharing your feelings about the season - too much!


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