January 21, 2014

from the mountains: thrifting (part one)

Because J said he'd back a moving truck along the curvy drive once and only once (see picture below), we were on a mission to accumulate all of the large pieces for the cabin before the closing date.


I credit no one but him - the man was on a thrifting mission. I just went along for the ride, picking up tchotchkes here and there.

He did good. Here's a very small first peek...


We found the side table at a consignment shop and this gorgeous oxblood leather sofa on Craigslist.

When we got the leather sofa above, we also bought a beautiful, antique bed for $75!
(The lady also threw in two captains chairs and a leather ottoman)
I'll have to get the bed photographed for part two.

After closing and unpacking, every moment confirmed our love for the place.
Sophie loved it too. No leashes. Lots of new smells.

Any thrifting scores lately?


  1. Nothing like a bit of pressure, having to choose all of the big furniture at once...But you did it and with style!

    I did find a treasure before Christmas, at the Kiwanis thrift in Anacortes. A lovely mid-century china cabinet with sliding glass doors..sigh. It was $15.00 but they said I couldn't take it until after Christmas because they were using it to display items....so, I got it for $10.00! My hubby brought it down to the City House this last weekend and now it is standing proud in the dining room. xo

  2. Wow! You found some really wonderful goodies!
    Hard to beat the price for the leather sofa.

    Sophie is just beautiful!

  3. Fabulous finds! I would love a gorgeous leather sofa like the nailhead trimmed one you found on Craig's List. I did actually score something the other day when thrifting. I found a perfect soup tureen that matches my mother's china which is now mine. What made it even better was that tucked inside was a small teapot that matched. Pretty terrific for $6.97 when the least expensive matching tureen I have found on eBay was $159!

  4. how fun,, i love thrifting. Love the things you found.. Cant wait to see more of your new place. Looks like a beautiful place.

  5. how fun,, i love thrifting. Love the things you found.. Cant wait to see more of your new place. Looks like a beautiful place.

    ((that was me above,.sorry!)

  6. Amazing scores! I'm never that lucky, but it's fun looking for the deal.
    Sophie looks happy!

  7. Looks like you are making a home. What could be better?

  8. This will be your refuge from the everyday stuff of life! Just seeing that tree lined path leading to your cabin gives the impression and promise of peaceful times full of the wonders of the surroundings, and rest and joy!

    And with all that good taste thrifting it will be cozy and wonderful inside too! :-)

  9. Thanks guys. It's shaping up to be a place we never want to leave. :)

  10. I am so flipping excited for you! Leather sofas and a mountain cabin...what more could one ask for! Thanks for including a picture of Sophie!!!! :)

  11. Amazing stuff! Don't you feel like you're beating the system when you get deals like this? The place looks so inviting!


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