January 10, 2014

my foray into "modern" calligraphy (part 2) and a little story...

learn: modern calligraphy
most recent tweak

learning - modern calligraphy
initial sketch

These sketches are from a class I'm taking on how to turn your hand drawn calligraphy into vector files but given the wonderful advice and feedback I've received thus far, it's as if modern calligraphy is just an added bonus! If the rest of the class is anything like the beginning, I'm giving this lady an A+ review.

A little story:

Many years ago, I took art lessons on Saturday mornings and afterward, dad would take me by the local Glidden Paint Store. It had an art section. Sometimes I'd get a new paintbrush or tube of paint, but one day I must have done something seriously right because I got the coveted booklet on calligraphy. 

Sadly, this was when I learned that understanding calligraphy was Greek to a little leftie. Without proper instructions my hands were tied (no pun intended). 

It was on that day (maybe before) that my perfect love of imperfect "modern" calligraphy  began. 

Am I claiming that a little girl invented modern calligraphy in 1969-ish? Heck no! I wasn't the only leftie who adored the alphabet. What I am saying is that from that point on, I was a kid living on the edge - drawing letters rather than writing them...much to the distress of my elementary teachers...and my parents.

The end.

Have a nice weekend.


  1. What an interesting perspective! Never thought of left-handed people having to "draw" rather than write. I wonder how they are doing now that handwriting has been de-emphasized?

  2. Being a lefty myself too, I so enjoyed hearing how you 'made' calligraphy do what you wanted it to do!
    So happy for you being able to settle in to the cabin...sounds so wonderful..Enjoy! xo


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