January 28, 2014

thrifting, reading, knitting, instagramming and a very happy birthday...

Finally Knitting
The weekend wasn't all about Sophie and briars. I was knitting. Knitting! Finally finished something...a washcloth. But oh, what a washcloth. My next project could be anything. But it'll probably be a washcloth.

Reading Uppercase
How's this for timing? Just before we left, this came in the mail. Pure joy and inspiration. Highly recommended.

Thrifted Bed
And remember the cabin thrifting? This is the antique bed I was telling you about. I absolutely adore this bed and can't wait to add more touches to the guest room. Inspiration? How about here and here to start?

instagram Weekend
Join me on Instagram? This weekend I finished up an art journal sketch begun long ago (great driving activity, by the way). And Sophie. She assumes this pose when we're eating. Just on the off chance food flies through the air in her direction. On the off chance. :)

This week it's back to the handbags. Specifically two leather bags for the shop and a birthday gift for mah girl. (Happy 21st smarty pants!)


  1. Big day for your girl!! We sure do love her! Love the bed!!!

  2. I can see why you adore that bed...I love beds with high head and foot boards and am convinced that one has a much better sleep in them. :)
    Sophie is just the sweetest!
    A big, special 21st birthday to your girl!
    I'm following you on Instagram now. xo


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