March 7, 2014

my sketchbook travel kit...

My Sketchbook Travel Kit
Do you feel as if you need to pack everything when you travel...just in case? I do. But I have tapered it down to, what I consider, the bare necessities.

My Sketchbook Travel Kit

My Sketchbook Travel Kit
Large Artists Pouch - colored pens (I mostly use Sharpie and Tombow)
Small Artists Pouch - black pens, pencils & eraser (Pens: Micron, Faber Castell are my favorites)

My Sketchbook Travel Kit

My Sketchbook Travel Kit
It fits nicely into a large tote along with:

And this time I added:
Small Sketchbook of Ideas

My friend, this is as pared down as it gets for me.
How about you? How do you travel?

note: You can also purchase these items here.


  1. Really nice and so organized! Reminds me to start putting my kit together, too! I have a little trip coming and I will take some pictures of my tools! Love to play with them.

  2. I like to sketch and photograph when I travel, so I usually only take pencils, eraser, sketch pad, and camera bag. I try to keep it simple then embellish when I get home.

  3. It sounds like a lot, but everything looks so compact, Lori.

    I am not real pared down when I travel. Not at all. :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Lisa, it's more than it should be, I'll admit. Hey, can't help it. :)


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