March 5, 2014

renewing a wood cutting board...

Renewing a Wood Cutting Board

I'm obsessed with cast iron skillets and wooden cutting boards. Found these two beauties this weekend while thrifting. They were a bit stained and rough. But for $2 and $3 each, I was up to the task.

If you just need to deep clean the board, simply scrub it down using the cut side of half a lemon and coarse salt. Rinse with hot water and towel dry then stand to dry completely.

Refreshing a Wooden Cutting Board
If the board is rough, like mine, you can break out sand paper. If you have one, a palm sander works like a charm. Start with a rougher grit, if necessary, and work down to a super fine grit.

Refreshing a Wooden Cutting Board
Sophie does NOT like noisy things like vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and palm sanders.

Refreshing a Wooden Cutting Board
After it's sanded, clean with dishwashing soap. Rinse with hot water and allow to dry completely.
Then add a little mineral oil and rub it in completely. 

Refreshing a Wooden Cutting Board
This may take a couple of applications until you see that it's evenly absorbed.

Refreshing a Wooden Cutting Board
I don't hide these puppies. They're displayed proudly for all to see.
Kind of like my cast iron skillet. (another story for another day)

P.S. For regular maintenance:
Clean periodically using the lemon and coarse salt.
Allow to completely dry then...
rub with mineral oil.


  1. I love the look of wooden cutting boards, but I worry about festering germs.

  2. Couldn't agree more Kerith. I only used my wood boards for fruits and veggies. I use the ugly boards which can be sanitized for the meat. :)

  3. That front board is my favorite! They are so beautiful together - mostly I used my wooden boards to cut sandwiches and then keep them on to serve. Last year I found a sweet pig-shaped one with printing on it for $1 and was able to sand off the writing - turned into a cute gift!

  4. Don't you love great deals, Vicki?


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