May 8, 2014

finding the ideal sketchbook...

Finding the Ideal Sketchbook

Sketching is not only a source of creativity but I've found that it's also a wonderful meditative, therapeutic activity. Second, I'm a sketchbook addict. And I have a plethora of sources which I thought I'd share with you to, hopefully, inspire you to pick up a pencil, brush or stylus and draw. 

Finding the Sketchbook for You

This is my current stash: two Strathmore sketchbooks, my homemade watercolor journal, a black unlined journal, a small watercolor block, my iPad mini, and an even smaller unlined journal with a beautiful, handmade cover.

Finding the Sketchbook for You

I couldn't begin without discussing tools. I adore the Koi Travel Palette shown above as well as my Micron, Faber Castell pens, my pencil, eraser, graphite pencils, Derwent pastel and watercolor pencils.

my sketchbook: hugs

This is a recent painting straight from my Strathmore sketchbook which takes light ink and paint very well. It's perforated so that I can get the pages out to scan and file.

my sketchbook - a new bag design

This isn't in the picture at the top, but it's a regular binder with plain typing paper. This book is used for sketching bags, measurements, pattern processes, etc.

Finding the Sketchbook for You

This is from the small watercolor block. I have several sizes of these in different textures as well. The block shown was a recent purchase and I love it because it's smaller and fits into my travel bag.

Finding the Sketchbook for You

The next three pics are from my falling apart unlined journal. It has a band to hold it together.

Finding the Sketchbook for You

Finding the Sketchbook for You

I've also used this book to paste inspirational clippings from magazines.

Finding the Sketchbook for You

Can't forget my iPad mini. The 53 Paper app is my favorite.
Only my stylus is needed for this app so it's fantastic for travel.

Finding the Sketchbook for You

The app has pencils, markers and paint in every color you can imagine.
It also has a nice eraser which comes in might handy.

So, that's it! Not much, hm?

Do you have sketchbooks? If so, what's your favorite?


  1. I am smiling as I read this, Lori.
    I actually have more sketchbooks, journals, etc. than I could probably possibly use over the course of a lifetime! :-)

    A few months ago, I decided to teach myself to make (hand binding) hardcover books. The learning curve was a bit steep, but once I got going with it, I just loved doing it. Now all I need to do is have a lot of birthdays/special occasions come along so that I can give them away as gifts!

  2. I'm a sketchbook and writing notebook junkie. I have several boxes of the small lined journals that have printed covers and end papers and such, and I literally have cases of spiral notebooks that I stock up on yearly after the Back to School sales die out. Before kids, I used to easily fill up a spiral notebook in a month. Now it's a bit harder, but I love having my tools of the trade around.

  3. Such beautiful art work. I have been on a journal roll, making all sorts of journals and I'll probably give them away to willing folks. I am not artistic but I love to create and there is a blick art supplies 29 minutes from us. It's always so much fun going in and I always think I'm going to buy a sketch book and give it a whirl but I chicken out at the last minute. Maybe someday. In the meantime I may check out the ipad app sounds like fun.

  4. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one! Lisa - I would LOVE to learn book binding. Please give a tutorial sometime.
    Cath, I have a Dick Blick about 15 minutes away from the house and have become a regular fact, I'm headed back today!

  5. I am so relieved that I am not the only one with a plethora of sketch books and journals! They are an art form just as they are, waiting to be turned into something even more spectacular.

    My favorite sketch book to work with has recycled kraft paper pages, ironically, rather than stark white pages. I find a lot of inspiration in nature, so that could be the reason for being drawn to that type of paper. I also sometimes find a blank white page intimidating (hope that doesn't sound too weird). ;)

    Thanks for the inspiration! Your post has inspired me to get out my sketchbook and explore some jewelry design ideas that I have had.

    p.s. I purchased a handbag from you back in October (a birthday gift for myself) and get complimented on it everywhere I go! It really is a beautiful work of art!


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