May 21, 2014

thrifting, dreaming and recharging...

mountain daysMountain Weekend
mountain days

Hi there! I've been off the radar this past week - reading, hiking, relaxing, thrifting and recharging.

Got a few snapshots to share with you:
The top right pic is from our hike here - totally gorgeous. The cabin and views from the deck. Finally, old Sophie, yogurt thief extraordinaire. (Lots of snapshots are also shared here.)

Now, wonderful finds...

Thrifted Throw

A pristine white, king-sized coverlet and the sweetest hand crocheted throw. I will be cuddling with these beauties for some time and they will be perfect in the cabin. 

I found them at the Habitat Interiors ReStore and, oh my, I will be a regular forever more. Do you have a favorite thrifting spot?

I'll be back tomorrow with week 11 and then I'll share some new artwork on Friday.



  1. Oh man that throw!!! We just got a restore I thought they only had construction stuff I have to go check it out. Great score.

  2. Patty, go back and check out the store! The funny thing is that my husband and I saw the store earlier and popped in - found a Weber grill for $50! Then later we were riding by and saw that there was a larger ReStore right next to the other (didn't even see it the first time) and it said Restore Interiors. I was like a kid in a candy shop!

  3. What great finds! Love thrifting - it's always fun to see what you can find. Love the views!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous throw! We only have the regular ReStore here. I haunt our local Goodwill and have found a lot of great treasures there. Wonder if we have any Interiors ReStore shops anywhere nearby? The hunt begins!!

  5. It sounds like a really good week to me, Lori.
    I just love the little yogurt thief! :-)


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