June 11, 2014

52 Weeks of Print: 14/52 (and a tiny tutorial)

52 Weeks of Print: 14/52

Hi there! This week I found a different way to print with supplies I had on hand. Thought I'd pass it along to you. 

I had been mounting my stamps using Gorilla Glue and wood blocks but sometimes I want to tweak the stamp and once something is Gorilla glued, there's no turning back. This technique is simple and allows me to use the block over and over. I got the blocks here 50% off so they were both less than $10.

I found two different ways to make these stamps and here's what I used...

52 Weeks of Print: 14/52

Add a couple of strips of the double sided tape to the block. Sketch your design onto a piece of thin foam. I used the template to draw lots of circles. Then stick the cutouts to your block. 

52 Weeks of Print: 14/52

The small stamp is the easiest because I cut out the stem and used the hole punch to punch out lots of little dots. Then, using the tape as described above, I stuck my cutouts to the block and it was ready to go.

52 Weeks of Print: 14/52

You can barely see the tape attached to the block.

52 Weeks of Print: 14/52

52 Weeks of Print: 14/52

52 Weeks of Print: 14/52

52 Weeks of Print: 14/52

I hope you've been inspired to play!

52 Weeks of Print

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  1. Great idea, Lori!
    Thank you for sharing it here.

  2. Oh I LOVE it L. :)

    You are so clever :) T.

  3. You're so ingenious !! And inspired ! You're motivating me to pick the gouge again ! Thank you Lori ! xo

  4. Lori once again your creativity blows me away :)


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