June 13, 2014

useless information, the slowness of summer, and good books...

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My apologies. This space has been waning of late. 

For this blog, I've decided to take on a bit of my dad's personality - if you don't have anything to say, keep quiet. I admired his quiet life. and his ability to not fill the air with useless information. (I sometimes have trouble with this.)

Also, creativity has slowed. It's gone. Vamoose. I'm sure it'll rear it's frantically active head again soon. But for now, life begs for good books, observations, walks, travel, family. (Read any good books lately?)

Oh, I'll still be here - just a little less. (I'll be  here, too.)

Psst. This slowness has another name...


Has your life slowed? (And, seriously, read any good books lately?)


  1. My life has sped up LOL, planning an international move and all. I wish I would slow down :-)

  2. I happen to be aware, optimistic existentialist, that your international move is a good one. Congrats!! Your fast life is a product of good things and will someday slow, I'm sure.

  3. There is not much more wonderful than the slowness of summer, and here, because the season is so short, I take advantage of every minute of it.

    Enjoy your summer, Lori, and I'll see you when you are here!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. ah yes . . . summer! It is slow for creativity! but of the joy of swimming, picnicking, and boating! Love it!

  5. Yep it is summer....less blogging, more crafts.

  6. Doomsday Book. I don't remember the author, and yes, that is the real name of the book, it's a bit historical, a lot emotional and there's some added time travel in there, it's not for everyone, but I was crying when I got to the end, which was weird considering I don't think it was supposed to be as emotional as it turned out for me. But, then, I had just had a baby....

  7. Um, yes, I totally get you & it is exactly the same for me. Since we'be moved back in December, my life rhythm has been messed up & my productivity & creativity took a serious toll. Although I hope to fully live this summer at summer's pace, I also hope to boost my own productivity & creativity, otherwise I'm not sure it'll be back for good.
    Enjoy your slow time, it feels so good.

  8. Thank you Marcie. I think I've found it and downloaded a sample to try out!

  9. I'm in no doubt that your creativity will return to you. Life has slowed a little for me, this is due mainly to the fact that my Degree is finished (pretty much). I am about to move back to the city I love, Oxford, I feel like I'm going home back to the city I love and back into the arms of the man I've loved for 13 years, so I guess things will gradually speed up again once I get settled. In the mean time I'm enjoying some much needed down time, and I've just finished reading 'Neverwhere' by Neil Gaimen, I highly recommend it :-)

  10. Oh my goodness, Lynsey, what a wonderful summer you have in store! Congratulations! And I will check out that book.


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