July 9, 2014

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Documenting Life

Hi folks! Got a bit of life in all of it's glorious forms via Instagram. Today I only share the pretty ones.

Last week we had a short but wonderful vacation prior to ending with an injury - my son's. He's the baseball capped fella at the far end of the bottom right pic - pre-injury. When I happened upon this scene, they claimed to be washing their chairs. Even Miss Sophie got in on the action - or lack thereof.

As for said son, I'm fairly sure he got a little too hot doggery on his jet ski. The good news is that he will be fine. Knee - not so much. This week has been filled with doctors and medication. His surgery will be tomorrow so I may be spotty here until life begins to return to normal. (Thankfully, I left out the injury pic. Yes, he took a picture of his knee. And shared it.)

Thus ends our short summer vaca - sans fry night. :(

PS - I will keep the shops closed for a bit longer. If you have a need or question just give me a shout!


  1. Washing their chairs.....how very thoughtful of them! ;)
    Hope all goes well for your sons surgery and recovery.

  2. Oh boy, good luck to your son. I hope you enjoy some r&r amid all the chaos!

  3. Oh, I'm sorry to hear about you son, Lori.
    I wish him a successful surgery, and a very speedy recovery.

    P.S. Love "washing the chairs!!!!"

  4. Sorry to hear of the injury. Looks like the vacation was going very well until that point! Hope all goes well with the surgery and healing!

  5. Ah no, sorry about the knee injury ! A couple of years ago my youngest son had hurt his foot before the end of summer break ... vacations didn't turn as what they should have been ... oh well. Wishing your son a speedy & great recovery ! xoxo


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