September 18, 2014

A Wonky Thyroid, a Bad Knee and a New Bag...

walk into a bar and...

Handbag Sketch

Just kidding! I couldn't resist. (I will, however, talk about a wonky thyroid, a bad knee and a new bag.)

First, the Bag. This week I worked through one of my sketches and ended up with the sweetest little fall crossbody/across the shoulder bag - at least in my humble opinion. I'll be making this same style in different colors - something new for me as you may know I rarely make the same bag twice.

New Fall Handbag Design
I just love it so much.  Now that I have the pattern worked out I'll also be adding a few with my own print to combine the art/bags theme. Color suggestions on both fronts? The green I had on hand and was waiting for just the right thing. This seemed to fit the bill.

And in other news...

Ye old son had his second knee surgery this week (very successful, btw) and along with that I seemed to have developed a tricky thyroid - lucky me, right? It actually started a long time ago but it's still wonky and the doctor is still trying to work that one out. 

New Fall Handbag Design

So, that's my week so far in a nutshell. Next, I'm heading to the mountains (yay!) where I'll finish the week with a new carving and print. Probably showing up here and here around Saturday-ish.

Thanks for visiting! Told any bad jokes lately?


  1. I love the bag, Lori, and I am so glad that your son's surgery went so well. I hope he recovers quickly.

    What is with thyroids this week??? You are the 4th person I've heard of, having thyroid issues, just this week. I hope your doctor gets it regulated for you soon.

    Have a wonderful time in the mountains!

    1. Thanks Lisa! And before the whole thyroid thing began, I'd not heard much of it. Now I'm realizing (and just recently read) that it's the silent epidemic with women.

  2. Oh yes, that bag is delicious! I just love that color combo!

    I have been having wonky thyroid isses for 14 months now....hope your issues get worked out!!!!,

    1. Thanks, Patti! I do think I'll begin with the brown and green.

  3. Lovely Bag L. :)

    Hope your Son continues to get stronger everyday :)

    I think thyroid issues are one of the most challenging for woman and one of the most miss understood :(

    Hope you are able to get good care for that, cheers, T. :)

    1. Thanks Teresa. And I do agree about the thyroid! I seem to see issues all around now.


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