January 6, 2015

52 Weeks of Print: Antique Scissors

52 Weeks of Print: Antique Scissors

52 Weeks of Print: Antique Scissors

Today was my "special day", if you get my drift. So I may have been feeling a little antique-ish. And, to be perfectly honest, aside from the antique-ish part, my "special day" is just like any other day. Except for cooking. I don't cook on "special days". Do you cook on your special day? I'll bet not.

I digress... 

Today, I locked myself away in the studio for a bit and thought about antiques. I carved these scissors.

52 Weeks of Print: Antique Scissors

52 Weeks of Print: Antique Scissors

And I absolutely, positively did not cook.

Week 30 of 52 Weeks of Print
Antique Scissors

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  1. Do you mean it is your birthday ?!! Happy birthday then ! In 2014l my birthday was a disaster, so in 2015, I'll make things my way & will plan ahead a nice day. I hope you will have a great one !
    These scissors are simply stunning ! Well done, you !! xoxo

    1. Hi Sonia. Yep it was my bday. I was a little lazy on planning this year. To tell you the truth, it snuck up on me! I'll have to copy you next year and plan my day out appropriately. :)

  2. computer weirdness….testing…to see if my comments are coming through….

  3. ugh….anyhow what i said before it was eaten was WOW….i love that you carved those scissors…..like wow wow wow!!!

  4. I'm with you on not cooking for special days. I hope that you had a great birthday. The scissors turned out beautifully. I love the detail.


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