January 23, 2015

Hard Drives and Hot Toddies

My Sketchbook: Hot Toddy Recipe

I was off the grid this week - literally. My hard drive died and, even though I'd repeatedly backed up my data, panic and running amok ensued. Tears were shed. The sky was falling.

Not sure why it took an entire week to fix though it may have had something to do with my hard headedness and unwillingness to hand over my computer. At any rate, the entire week was a wash.

My Sketchbook: Hot Toddy Recipe

Which leads me to the crux of today's post...hot toddies. I think, no I know I'm in love with this soothing gift from heaven.

My Sketchbook: Hot Toddy Recipe

(I misspelled whiskey and tried to hide it)

My Sketchbook: Hot Toddy Recipe

My Sketchbook: Hot Toddy Recipe

Here's what you do to cure all ails - be they colds or failed hard drives.

Hot Toddy

In a mug add (in this order)
1 tbs. of honey - don't skimp to try to save calories. just don't.
Squeeze 1/4 lemon and drop in.
Top with one shot of whiskey.
Add to that 8 oz. of very hot water then stir it well.
Add your tea bag. I used black tea.
Wait a few.

Enjoy. Breathe deeply. Relax.
Repeat if necessary.

Insta Hot Toddy
(The Insta Hot Toddy via @studiowaterstone)

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  1. Hi, Lori!! I hope the computer issues do not pop back up again and that the hard drive lives a long and healthy life :) and now I am craving a hot toddy!

    1. Keith, my computer is back and better than ever. Make the toddy - you won't regret. :)

  2. I love this new spread, Lori, but I don't like the dead hard drive, AT ALL !
    I've been through this before having my iMac, and I had tons of baby photos of my sons that I hadn't backed up, believe me it was VERY hard. Well, I know that you understand this ! :(
    I hope you didn't lose too much, too many memories, or too much work.
    PS : I think I can smell the hot toddy from here ... mmmmmm

  3. Sweet! I shall have to try a hot toddy.

  4. Oooh I need that right now, I have a stinking cold!! Thank you

  5. Oh how annoying when your computer goes down, can't believe how reliant we are on them these days, I have such a love/hate relationship with mine.

    Glad you are up and running again.

    Beautiful artwork L. I can feel the warmth of a hot toddy right thru the screen :)

    Have a wonderful week, cheers, T. :)


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