August 25, 2015

Azaleas & Honey: Watercolor, Pastel, Ink and Struggles

Sketchbook: Azaleas and Honey

The azaleas were blooming in the mountains. And I put it to use along with some compositional inspiration from this inspiring artist on Instagram. 

Sketchbook: Azaleas and Honey

I love the fluidity and comfort of watercolors.

These watercolors and my trusty Faber Castell Pen

Sketchbook: Azaleas and Honey

Yet. I'm a glutton for punishment. Or maybe it's a refusal to give up? Maybe it's working opaquely against a dark background after working for so  many years with transparent watercolors. Yeah...maybe that's it.

Sketchbook: Azaleas and Honey

Sheepishly, I return to the box of pastel pencils.  Attempting to get that bright white against a dark background. I cannot resist it's pull. Again, I fail and pick up the white gel pen - the agony of it all. 

Sketchbook: Azaleas and Honey

Really...agony? Meh. I'm surprisingly okay with it.

Sketchbook: Azaleas and Honey

That texture calls out to me.

Sketchbook: Azaleas and Honey

Sketchbook: Azaleas and Honey

Struggling with a challenge? Do tell.


  1. Lori, both of these are just beautiful.
    I especially love the jar.

  2. These are extraordinary, Lori, I can't see any struggle ! Even in my dreams I couldn't achieve what you've done here !! Don't be too exigeant with yourself ! ox


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