August 2, 2015

Sketchbookery: A Beautiful Thing, a Few Links & a Really Nice Discount

My Sketchbook: A Beautiful Thing

My Sketchbook: A Beautiful Thing

My Sketchbook: A Beautiful Thing

My Sketchbook: A Beautiful Thing

Let's face it. Perfection is highly overrated. And terribly stressful. I'm all for exceptionally imperfect. Now, that's a goal I can wrap my brain around. How about you?

For this most recent art journal entry, I began with this fantastic art journal, added regular old craft paint for a colorful background (shown in the first image). I then stamped this handmade stamp in white and followed up with a cheapo mechanical pencil, my favorite white pen and an exceptionally imperfect proverb.

Now I'm excited to show you the new laptop sleeves available in my Society 6 shop. From now through August 9 you can get $5 off all laptop sleeves PLUS free worldwide shipping! Pretty strong offer, right? Be sure and click on the shop link here, above or on the picture below to get the discount offer from my shop.

Lori Plyler Art | Society 6


  1. Wow, that is absolutely stunning, Lori! I am always so impressed by your talent and creativity, as I have very little (artsy-wise anyway). Hope you and the family are all well and enjoying the summer.


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  2. These laptop sleeves are so wonderfully unique, Lori!
    Love them.


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