October 19, 2015

Lately: Sketching, Reading and Redo-ing


I've been visiting my favorite mountain hideaway since last week, spending time with some family, reading this, playing around with the sketchbook. Anything that can be done from the spot shown above is game in my book.

Sketching isn't serious. Just playful and exploratory. Here's a peek...

My Sketchbook

My Sketchbook

My Sketchbook

My Sketchbook

My Sketchbook

See that chair drawing? We picked up this broken, red velvet chair at a charity consignment shop for $20. Something about it called out to us. But it was cracked and had to be repaired. And that red velvet...

chair Collage

Mr. P repaired the chair, I cleaned it up with some Murphy's, got rid of the old padding, burlap and straw. Yes. Straw! Anywho, it now sits in our bedroom.


As for the bags, I've been back in the studio working on a wicked cool backpack. I'm flying from the seat of my pants on this one. Still trying to figure out a few things, but I'll be sure to share once it's complete. 


  1. My "to do" lists are post it notes...I am jealous of yours! :). That chair is stunning!!!! Well done!

  2. Haha - mine are always in my planner. But every now and then I go a little crazy...maybe to give me that extra nudge I need. :)


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