November 3, 2015

The Bag Lady

As a few readers know, this year I stepped back from my shop and studio work. Honestly, every time I entered the studio, brain fog struck and I'd promptly walk away.

Given the fact that I've been a bag lady since 2009 and an artistic creature since I could hold a pencil, I'm sure you'll understand when I say that this sudden lack of interest in...well, anything, was disturbing. I wondered if life had irrevocably changed. That I would never feel that creative passion again.

Lately, I've eased back into the art world but still had no desire to sew anything. Imagine, then, my surprise when I walked into the studio last week and didn't turn away. I decided to create a traveling art supply bag. I pulled out a colorful butterfly fabric by Anna Maria Horner that I purchased several years ago along with some coordinating recycled suede....

Cargo Duffle

This is the first time I've made a bag with something other than one of my own patterns. Decided to use this free pattern I'd been drooling over from the crazy talented Anna, creator, pattern wiz and founder of Noodlehead.  

Cargo Duffle

Love, love, love this Cargo Duffle pattern. The quilting makes it a bit labor intensive but overall, it's a simple, straightforward pattern. 

  • I wanted more structure so I used a felt interlining rather than Pellon interfacing.
  • A heavy duty needle is necessary (I used size 16) but, even using recycled lightweight suede, it was doable on a regular machine - just go slow. 
  • I made my straps a little wider and turned them under at the center. Then reinforced the heck out of them with extra stitching to accommodate for the weight.
  • I didn't add the front pockets.

Cargo Duffle

Cargo Duffle

This week I've relocated to the mountains (along with a well used and much adored duffle) so art is on the agenda. A new print and, hopefully, some sketching and painting. See you soon!

AND... FYI: This week (through Nov. 8) you can get FREE worldwide shipping + $5 off of everything in my Society 6 shop!! Here's the link with the discount. Head over and check it out. (I want a tote - Yeah. I got it bad.)


  1. Beautiful, Lori !!! Have a great time in the mountains ! ox

  2. This is awesome!!! I love that fabric too. Have a fab time in the mountains.

  3. That is that is one stunning bag!! My mother is an avid quilter, so I know the time put into that beauty! It is so good to see you sewing again!


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