January 10, 2016

52 Weeks of Print: Oh Deer 38/52

52 Weeks of Print: 38/52
This first image is from Instagram. Text was as follows:
Note to self: Although it be small, it be sharp.
And it was.

It started as a simple deer and before long his antlers sprouted flowers. What can I say? 

52 Weeks of Print: 38/52
With this carving, I decided to try a little cross-hatching. The details in the antlers as well as the cross hatching on the face and chest were my favorite parts of this project. Well. That and the flowers.

52 Weeks of Print: 38/52
What's with the wooden spoon? It's the cutest little thing - a gift from a friend - and I use it for rubbing the ink onto the paper. Works like a charm.

52 Weeks of Print: 38/52

And there you have it.

"Oh Deer"

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  1. So pretty ... except the injured finger, ouch !! These are so dangerous !
    Looks like an "old" engraving, well done !!

    1. Thanks Sonia! Yes, you know, you always THINK you're being careful then one little slip reminds you that those little suckers are sharp! Finger is much better now. :)

  2. I think his eyes are beautiful. Your post now has me wanting to get out my linoleum and make a few prints. Print making was my favorite course in college. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Go for it! I agree. I did all sorts of prints in college but had forgotten them over the years. It's been fun to go back and look at a few old ones.

  3. I can't help it... I keep coming back to admire your pretty dear. :-) All your prints have so inspired and amazed me! Do you mind me asking what linoleum block you prefer? I've been shopping around and getting set to start translating my own designs to print and would love any advice you could give. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks Rebekah! If you're just starting out, you could begin with something easy like the Speedball Easy Carve just to get the feel. My favorite, however, is the Jack Richeson Linoleum. It's pretty darn easy to carve but still firm enough to get details. You can find both at Dick Blick and also at Amazon. The Amazon affiliate link of favorites is at the bottom of this page if you want to see exactly what I recommend. Hope this helps!


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