February 12, 2016

New Art and Other Exciting Things

Beetle Art Print
Been busy this week? Around here, it's been a crazy week of editing, printing and photographing and I have to say that, except for the vicious cycle of editing, printing and photographing, it feels great to be back in the saddle. I have a drive that has been missing for - oh - around two years. Feels good.

So what's going on? I've added new art prints and a fun new card to the shop. The Beetle Art Print, shown above, will be part of a series of bugs and flying things.

Moth Art Print
Next comes the Moth Art Print.

Hot Toddy Art Print
And an ode to my favorite soothing, wintertime drink, the Hot Toddy Recipe Art Print.

Oh Deer Card - Outside
This is the new Oh Deer Card. It's a digital print of my original lino carving.

Oh Deer Card - Inside
The inside is printed with the phrase, "Oh deer." using my original "Swirly Girl" font.
I love this card. It would be appropriate in so many instances:
Get well
To your sweetheart
Hang in there
I'm sorry

Now it's time to carve a little. I'm dying to jump forward to week 41 - already got my plan lined up. AND next week I'm planning to list a few of my lino carvings as hand printed art prints. Breathe...

I hope you have a beautiful, warm and restful weekend. Don't drink too many hot toddies!


  1. These are wonderful, Lori!
    "Oh deer," is my all time favorite of yours.
    It is so unique, and so beautiful.

  2. Hi L. :)

    Your work is always amazing :)

    I had to "heart" the hot toddy recipe on Etsy, that is just way to cool :)

    It would be perfect to hang in the kitchen :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful Monday, cheers, T. :)

  3. Such great cards.... If you are selling these on Easy, will have to check them out


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