March 10, 2016

52 Weeks of Print: 44/52 Words, a Snail, Taxes and a Website

52 Weeks of Print 44/52 Words

It's time for a stamp to add to the back of (future) cards and even though this is a fairly small project, carving out tiny letters is a bit of a struggle! The snail, naturally, symbolizes my stealth-like speed. 

52 Weeks of Print 44/52 Words

This was the ideal project for week 44 because it was tax week. Tax week sucks - just sayin'. Not only did I tackle (and force into submission) the taxes, my calendar somehow advised me to completely re-do my website. Not sure what idiot came up with that plan. So aside from this carving, it was a week of total punishment. And wine every. single. night. 

Week 44 - Words


  1. "And wine every. single. night. "
    Ahhhh, the rewards of your labor!
    The new site looks fantastic, Lori, and I do so love this little snail. :-)

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I'm kind of liking that snail as well. :)

  2. Ugh. You reminded me about taxes. Which, I suppose is a good thing, rather than remembering them in a week or two.

    The prints are lovely and good for you. Looks very time consuming to do well and it certainly seems like you are! I'll be curious to follow along.

    1. Oh yes, Jeanie. They're a bear to do but finishing is "almost" worth the fight. Almost.

  3. Hi L :)

    I love your little snail guy :)

    I'm still working on my website, congrats on getting yours revamped :)

    Happy evening, cheers, T. :)


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