April 17, 2016

Lately: A Question, an Oddity, a Sneak Peek and a Recipe

Lately: Weekend Happenings, Questions & a Recipe

Still in the mountains - enjoying the weather. Question - J purchased this gloriously fragrant, flowering weeping type tree - actually two. He planted them and tossed out the tag...men*. Can anyone identify it for me? I wish you could smell it. 

Lately: Weekend Happenings, Questions & a Recipe

Look at the two trees above. The obnoxious arrow points to the oddity. I love things like this - how nature makes accommodations. No room? No problem - I'll just fuze my limb right into your tree. Boo yah.

Lately: Weekend Happenings, Questions & a Recipe

I haven't added this recipe to my recipe index. Why? No, it's not a secret. We consume it before I have a chance to photograph our favorite, weekly margharita pizza. By FAR the most basic recipe I've ever used and yet it is exquisite. So much so that it converted a man* who would previously only eat a meat lovers pizza. No joke.

52 Weeks of Print: 46/52 Sneak Peek

I've been working on week 46! I'll feature it tomorrow along with some thoughts on showing and critiquing your art and why it's a good thing to do so.

Finally. After everything was completed and eaten and cleaned, we sat and watched this. Became hypnotized may be a better term...

Fire in the Mountain from Lori Plyler on Vimeo.

Have a good one!

* If you're a man, I'm sorry for the insult. But it's true.

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  1. I believe your tree is a weeping cherry, Lori. It looks very much like one that we have. Ours is a bit lighter in color. I so agree with you on the homemade pizza crust. There is nothing quite like it, and it's easy to do.

    I saw the bonfire on Instagram, and it is just fantastic!


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