May 19, 2016

52 Weeks of Print: 48/52 Sophie


Let's begin with a little background. If you've followed along here for longer than one year, you would know my Sophie. (I featured her here and here and here) Sadly, we lost her in March of last year. It's something I've never mentioned here because, well, you know. She was the sweetest of all sweetie pies. And I'm not bias. 

It's been over a year and we're all good. Nothing but wonderful memories.

For reasons I'll get to at a later date, I wanted to honor Sophie this week. 

Now. Let's go to part two of the story...

Do you watch Project Runway? You know when, without fail every week, there's this one contestant who begins his project with all the optimistic energy of the universe? But then things begin to go south? But he doesn't give up! And the harder he works at it, the worse it gets? I am not kidding you nor am I exaggerating when I say that is me this week. 

Don't even attempt to make me feel better. It's okay! I'm good with it. A little embarrassed to put this out there but, hey, with 52 Weeks of Print, I show you the good, the bad and the ugly without (much) exception. So, let's roll with this...

52 Weeks of Print: 48/52

Thought I'd show you the actual progression. Above is my first proof.

From here, the words of Mr. P sum it up perfectly. On the above proof, "Not bad!"

52 Weeks of Print: 48/52

Mr. P: "Okay..."

52 Weeks of Print: 48/52

Mr. P: "oh..."

52 Weeks of Print: 48/52
Mr. P: "oooh" (looks away)
I told Mr. P I'd paint her portrait instead.

52 Weeks of Print: 48/52

Ugh. Just goes to show you. Just when you're beginning to think you're all that,
something in the cosmos takes you down a notch or two. (sigh)

Week 48 of 52 Weeks of Print

Click here to see weeks 1-47 (most of them are much better)

Next inanimate object.


  1. Are you kidding????
    Lori, I think this is absolutely amazing.
    I truly mean that. Just beautiful.
    You are truly an inspiration.

    I am sorry you lost Sophie. I know how much this hurts.

  2. Aw, thank you Lisa. It's still going on the fail pile. ;)

  3. I agree with Lisa ... are you kidding ?! You might have carved a little too much off the black, but that doesn't make a fail of it. But I understand you might not be 100% satisfied.
    But don't be too exigeant with yourself, ok ? It's never a good idea.
    Sending you big hugs oxox

    1. Sonia, you are a sweetie, too. (And I say with a laugh that I did NOT know what exigeant means! I had to Google it.) Translated, exigeant means demanding and, yes, I am demanding. I appreciate your concern and thank you but I am truly okay with a fail every once in awhile. I'm demanding but I also don't hold back when I love a result so it's not killing me. :) Now if I continued to beat myself up and threw in the lino carving towel, that would most certainly be a bad thing.

  4. It looks beautiful to me, but I totally understand wanting to really capture Sophie so that the image is very special to you. I lost my beautiful cat two weeks ago and I'm not ready to draw or paint her yet but one day would love to create something to remember her by.

  5. Sophie is gorgeous even a little...ummm...extra grey. ;) I like them all. It is a beautiful way to try and honour her. Looking forward to seeing your portrait.


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