May 6, 2016

Art Supply Organization for Travel & Home

Art Supply Organization for Travel & Home

In the recent Artful Blogging article, I discussed my new practice of keeping an art duffle on hand both at home and for traveling. 

Of course, I'm not talking about carrying supplies on busy vacations or short trips - in that case, I just toss what I need into my backpack and head out. This is for taming the art supply beast when at home or I'm heading away for a week and I want my favorite things available for playing.  This simple solution has been a life saver - my duffle is organized nearby at home and always ready for extended trips. 

Art Supply Organization for Travel & Home

I fell in love with this Noodlehead Cargo Duffle pattern some time back - my first is now busy carrying shoes and toiletries. I soon made another to match my daypack and now use it for art supplies. You may be doubtful but, yes, everything fits. (Another similar daypack will be in the shop next week.)

This post is packed with information (along with a trick or two) so without further ado, here's how it works...

Art Supply Organization for Travel & Home

Now for the details...

Art Supply Organization for Travel & Home
For paint supplies, I use one of my own simple zip pouches
To this day, I still use my original paintbrush roll.
Lino supplies such as blocks, my 52 Weeks of Print booklet and paper,
paint case, my tins of watercolor  & pastel pencils go in saved pillowcase zip pouches (see below).

Art Supply Organization for Travel & Home
You know the little plastic zip pouches that hold new pillowcases?
Don't throw those away!! They're ideal for travel and storage.

Art Supply Organization for Travel & Home
Small plastic containers for more bulky items like brayers and ink.

Art Supply Organization for Travel & Home
Carving tools go in my large artist's pouch.

Art Supply Organization for Travel & Home
Pens and pencils in another large artist's pouch.


I carry this small Ott light for carving, a small see through ruler, and small cutting board.

• My sketchbook, paper-sized registration boards, and portable palette fit snugly and safely placed vertically on the side.

It's a ton of stuff, right? But it works!
I'd love to hear about your method for organizing and carrying supplies.


  1. A beautiful, practical and compact way to store and carry an enticing variety of art tools and supplies!

  2. Oh my goodness, all of that fits in this bag???
    Truly, you are so organized, and I just love this bag, especially since you can put so much in it.
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead Lori!


I love reading each one of your comments. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful day.

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