May 25, 2016

New Bags & Pouches in the Shop!

Handmade Bags from Studio Waterstone

I've been putting a few of those carved lino stamps to good use lately and am loving the results - especially that sweet little number in the front with the blue ink and red leather pull. Yum. And the artist pouches - yes, I currently use about 4-ish in all varying sizes can never have too many zip pouches.

Handmade Bags from Studio Waterstone

And bags! I just added two great sprint/summer bags similar to the ones I carry daily. (Seen here and here and here) This daypack is so perfectly sized. I've been a backpack girl from way back and, don't get me wrong, I have my travel, cram everything you can get in it backpack. This new size is perfect for running around all day in comfort and style.

Handmade Bags from Studio Waterstone

Handmade Bags from Studio Waterstone

I made a version of this crossbody last year, used it all last summer and you'd better believe it came out at the first sign of spring this year. The neutral color and comfy-ness means it will go with everything and last all day. The little bit of gold shimmer gives it just a hint of fun whimsy.

Handmade Bags from Studio Waterstone

All of these items can be found in the shop.

Do me a favor and have a wonderful day, folks.

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  1. Such gorgeous wares, Lori ! I love the last bag, and I agree that one can never have too many zipped pouches ! I must have half a million ones LOL
    You were right the other day, I shared a little bit of news on the blog two days ago ! We're buying a house ! Woohoo !


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