August 8, 2016

Sketch.Paint.Print #1 (Sketch)

SketchPaintPrint #1

Hidee ho! I'm slowly coming out of the puppy dazed fog and trying to get with the program. If anyone ever tells you that having a puppy is easy, toss your head back, laugh and walk away. It's harder than a newborn baby. Wanna know why? Because babies wear diapers and don't bite you with razor sharp teeth. 


It's time to try out a new creative challenge series. It was a toss up - either "Print the Masters" (For example, printing my version of "Starry Night" by Van Gogh) or "Sketch.Paint.Print" (see below) The former, although fascinating, had copyright nightmares running through my head. 

SketchPaintPrint #1

Sketch.Paint.Print gives me the opportunity to focus on one subject and do it three ways. Sometimes changing it up a little in style but staying with the same original sketch. 

So, there you have it folks. Sketch.Paint.Print #1 comprising my current faves, bugs and flowers. Can't go wrong with bugs and flowers, right?

SketchPaintPrint #1

sketchpaintprint #1 (sketch)

Next comes the paint part.

Care to join me? Just use #sketchpaintprint and, if you'd like, tag @studiowaterstone.
I'll be sure to show your work!


  1. What a great project, Lori!
    I so look forward to seeing all that you do with it, here.
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Love the bug! I think the world needs more pretty bug art! I like spiders myself.


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