February 16, 2017

A Name Change and a Major Move!

I've Moved!

Popping in to let you know that truly good changes are happening around here and I'm so excited to share it all.

Where to start. Where to start...

Let's begin with the name. I began in 2008 as Waterstone Jewelry (I know! Jewelry! Loved it but really didn't wear it which should have been a red flag. Another story for another day) I soon began making my beloved bags and morphed into Studio Waterstone. As time progressed I moved back toward my original lifelong love of art. At that time (around 2014) I knew in my heart that I needed to drop the whole Studio Waterstone moniker but fear held me back. Then...

A few weeks ago this blog disappeared - literally disappeared. LUCKILY I had imported most of my posts to my Wordpress website. Also luckily, two days ago this freaking SW blog popped back up but it didn't matter. I knew, knew, knew that the universe was telling me to make the jump. So, here's the skinny:

I will no longer add posts to this location. Posts will be from my website/blog at: loriplyler.com.

• If you've been following me via Bloglovin, that has been switched over to my new blog, loriplyler.com/studionotes/ and you are good to go, my friend. The work has been done for you.

• You will need to head to my site to follow via RSS feeds (email) and Feedly.

• My ETSY SHOP has been moved to LoriPlylerArt so if you've favorited or followed my old shop, please hop over and show a little love by following my new shop. (It will have bags and art)

INSTAGRAM and TWITTER have been changed to @lori_plyler

• My FACEBOOK page has gone through a name change, too - LoriPlylerDesign

Whew - this is a big change. I have loved this Blogger blog since 2008. It was comfortable and I had tweaked it into something I was so proud to call mine. But, truth is, it isn't really mine. Now I have a new home which will become more comfortable as time goes on. Join me?

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